How I Use Coconut Oil

When I first got a Pinterest I kept seeing coconut oil everywhere, it was in almost every DIY beauty regimen and so I picked up some coconut oil thinking that I would be able to use it for everything but when I got home with it I didn’t know where to start. Was it for my split ends or my stretch marks? I ended up heading back to Pinterest to try out possible uses.

I started with using it to moisturize my skin and I am not the biggest fan of this method because the oil ends up getting everywhere and it is just a mess. Instead, I would suggest getting coconut oil infused moisturizer and then using the regular coconut oil on places that you have scars or stretch marks. I have used coconut oil on my scars and it really does work wonders.  Coconut oil is also really great to make DIY body scrubs, but coconut oil is kind of expensive so I would rather just buy a cheaper scrub and use coconut oil sparingly on something else. Another use is for your cuticles or you could put it on your lips. I have tried using coconut oil on my hair and it personally is not for me. I think that it is best if you have a lot of thick frizzy hair. It just ends up making my finer hair look greasy for a couple days. I have heard about using coconut oil on your face to fight wrinkles or to improve acne, but I am terrified of breaking out from putting oils on my face. It does help a lot with sunburns in the summer, but I think that aloe is just as good.

I hope this helps.


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